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Our Missionaries

Kalāhikiola Congregational Church supports missionaries in our community and around the world. Our missions committee continues to raise funds to offer support to individuals, families, and outreach ministries.


Eruera & Elisabeth Kawe 
Island Breeze Ministries 
Makapala, Hawaiʻi

Eruera (Ed) and Elisabeth (Lis [Echo-Hawk]) Kawe have been with Island Breeze Ministries – Makapala since 2001 and have been the directors since 2006. They have a strong desire and commitment to bless the community of Kohala by seeing youth positively engaged, families strengthened, and elders cared for. Over the years they have been a part of and/or initiated dozens of community events such as Camp Lokahi, The (Kohala) Kupuna Dinner, cultural exchanges (Te Haerenga), farming projects, and many other similar endeavors. Along with these community outreaches, Ed and Lis have been the main caretakers of the Makapala Christian Retreat Center (Old Makapala School), keeping the facilities maintained and operational. Ed and Lis also have three beautiful daughters.

tami holschuh.jpg

Tami Holschuh 
Life 360 Network - Youth Outreach
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Tami Holschuh is the Deputy Director and Founder of Life 360 Network. Born and raised in Kohala, Hawaiʻi, Tami began her ministry when she founded the "Blessing Crew" Life 360 Network, Inc. was birthed from 15 prior years of her experience with a group of youth and young adults known as the "Blessing Crew." Many were living their lives without purpose. However through positive mentorship, the Blessing Crew learned about responsibility, accepting people for who they are, and serving others. Having made positive changes in their own lives, they now live to fulfill a greater purpose in changing the lives of others. Many of the "Blessing Crew" have now become volunteers as Life Coaches in Life 360 Network, Inc.

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Olegario (Ole) & Edna Gaspar came to Kohala from Brazil in 2000, to work with Island Breeze Ministries in Kohala. Eventually, they moved to Tauranga, New Zealand with their four children. Both are very involved with their community and serve Island Breeze Ministries in New Zealand. Edna works on Discipleship Training School staff with Marine Reach. 

Olegario & Edna Gaspar
Island Breeze Ministries
Tauranga, NZ 

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Camp Lōkahi is a 4 day (3 nights) youth camp, which is run during most school breaks. It was founded in 2006 with the help of a group from Eagle’s Nest Ranch in Alberta, Canada. A typical day includes : 

  • Track events (ex. Airsoft, Video or Dance, etc)

  • Cabin activities (like crafts, archery, and slip & slide)

  • BASH games (a large cabin vs. cabin theme game) 

  • Theme Dinners ( ex.Wreck it Ralph, Alice in Wonderland, and The Hobbit)

  • Awesome Chapel Services with Worship, memory verse competition, and a speaker

  • Improv. Comedy show

Camp Lōkahi
Makapala, Hawaiʻ

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Alaska Ablaze is a 5-day camp with children and youth activities. Classes are held for adults to attend with topics ranging from finance, to health and addiction support. During the camp, staff cook and feed the entire village every day. Morning and evening church services are held as well.

In this isolated village, the goal is to bless, support, and show those struggling that God is right there with them and together we can take steps forward out of addiction & depression into the healing & hope found in the Lord.

Alaska Ablaze
Mentasta Village, Alaska



Healing for men and women with abortion wounded hearts.

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