Aloha friends,


The Lord is moving on our island and across the nations as we see signs of a fresh move of God's spirit!  About a month ago all 99 counties in Iowa read the entire Bible and prayed for 6 days. People set up small tents in every county where hour by hour one person read aloud and another person in the tent spoke and prayed with people passing by. I learned that a number of people received Christ; some were healed, baptised in nearby lakes or stock tanks, and many were blessed by prayers and free bibles. We know that God’s word NEVER returns void and the sound waves of our voices are carried into the atmosphere throughout the earth and into the heavens! Praise God!


I have been having dreams and visions of doing this here as well. The Lord has opened the door for the body of Christ to come together once again 200 years after the missionaries arrived in Kona and established churches across our island! Their sacrifices and acts of obedience led to one of the greatest revivals in history! We will do this again NOW for such a time as this, and will carry forth their legacy to proclaim the word of God, loud and clear!


This event will be during the Feast of Tabernacles on the Jewish calendar. (We have sensed that this is God’s appointed time.) We will begin on Sunday 10/4 through Saturday 10/10. A messianic Jew will open our 6 day reading of the word starting in Genesis. At 1pm on Sunday we will begin by blowing the shofar and Pu shell and then ringing the steeple bell at Mokuaikaua Church! You are welcome to gather with us then, bring your shofar or (conch shell) Pu, and please bring a mask. A small tent, “sukkah” will be set up at the gate of Mokuaikaua Church. There the Lord will tabernacle among us for the week; the Jew and gentile “dwelling together” in unity! WOW, that is powerful!


 Pastor David deCarvalho from Mokuaikaua Church is excited to host and support this event as the church of Kona and surrounding communities come together in faith and unity! We also want to honor Pastor David by asking him to begin reading when we get to the new testament in Matthew! This is what burned in the hearts of the first missionaries 200 years ago, to bring the Hawaiian people the gospel message, (the Bible) in a black box! Pastor deCarvalho is God's appointed servant now at Mokuaikaua Church to carry on this legacy and great commission! 

I also saw a vision of people coming to Christ, being healed and some were getting baptized! We’ll have a good supply of bath towels and free bibles! Are any of you feeling led to mentor and  disciple people 1 on 1 as the Holy Spirit leads? Discipleship training and fellowship are critical parts of our walk with Christ! We are all appointed for certain ministries, so I'd encourage you to pray about this and find your lane. Everyone is called to spread the gospel so I encourage you to seize every opportunity to bring in the harvest while it is still day! 


This will be a time of breaking open wells of fresh living water, watching the Lord move powerfully on our island, bringing repentance and drawing hearts to the Lord once again! Are you ready to be part of this great movement? I pray that you have passion in your hearts to share Christ and possibly your testimony as you feel led by the spirit! We need lots of good readers and prayer warriors to sign up for 1 hour time slots beginning on Sunday 10/4 from 1-7 pm, then continuing on 10/5 to 10/10 from 6am to 7pm each day until we're finished. We will have 2 people each hour, one to read and one to pray and will plan to have a 3rd person on standby to lend assistance when necessary. 


***TO SIGN UP  Please email for contact information.

It takes about 92 hours to entirely read through the bible so we need people who will be on time and focused while they are reading. Also if you're not assigned to read or pray please be sensitive about social distancing and respecting what is going on. We want to be tuned into every opportunity to love on people, answer questions and share Christ!  


Please forward this information to many Christians and church leaders that you know! Church groups can block off times on the schedule for their members or you may sign up in teams if you like. I hope to get Makua Lani Christian Academy involved as well, Jr and Sr students, staff and parents. We also want to include youth groups from our churches, including the Salvation Army, as there is no junior holy spirit!


We will cross the finish line sometime late in the day on Saturday 10/10! This is like running a marathon, so pace yourselves, listen to the Holy Spirit and help us send forth the word and bring Jesus’s love to our island! PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WATER AND SNACKS. Restrooms at the church will be available. If needed, we will have a second reading group behind the scenes at the church.


ONE LAST IMPORTANT THING!  Please reserve Sunday afternoon 10/11 from 3-4:30pm for a Zoom Testimony time. We will be taking communion together first and then sharing amazing things that the Lord did during the week. It's going to be awesome!! Woo-hoo!